The Pool

The hotel is closed for a few days. The demolition of the ruin next door and the removal of all debris, hunts giant dust clouds throughout the village. A bit of a waste of this beautiful old house that we could see only well when 6 truck-containers of garbage were disappeared. The problem is that the old structure had walls of 80 inches. Preservation would have cost us  a part of the surface of the pool. The contractor assumes a construction period of 3½ months, so at the end of August things would be ready. We’re counting a little bit on some weeks more. In any case we can offer an autumn-holiday in a hotel with heated pool.

Well, at last all is going fast. In March it seemed that realization of works was still very far, perhaps years, away. Now it became apparent that the legal roads in Spain sometimes make incomprehensible twists. With smart searching and fast acting of our lawyer we managed to get things quickly and for a very reasonable price.

This week is a week with very much rubble, dust and noise. The weekend we can use to make everything crystal clear again. Good opportunity also to clean the patio, balconies and outdoor corridors with high pressure spray and to provide of a new layer of linseed oil.

The coming weeks we will be busy picking out all the materials for the pool and the house. The pool we would like to perform with micro cement, a technique that we have discovered on our trip to Marrakech. A kind of resin that can be made in any color, and, if you feel it, looks like very fine cement. Coincidentally, yesterday we found a supplier. Now we have to find out if it meets all the requirements that are made for pool floors.

We still don’t know if we’re going to have a busy summer in the hotel. The former owner, however, claims that 90% of the reservations in the month will be made in the month itself. We hope that’s truth. Now that we have been busy all winter with the renovation of the hotel, we have spent less time to the promotion of the whole. Helga is busy now with registration at various websites and is working to make our website easier to find by giving it more substance. We would of course like everything to be done yesterday but that is not the  Spanish way of life. And of course we have children who’re asking for time……..

The boys

8When all the homework is done they are busy with Skylanders (kind of computer game) or building huts in the Campo. Often we try at the weekend to make a trip. Sunday we’re planning to make a trip to El Chorro with its steep walls together with Siebe’s climbing-master Marcos. Siebe has special climbing shoes now and has practiced a lot in making a “eight” with his climbing rope. There’s also a lake for swimming (Jochem and mother) and nice terraces with good Sunday lunch (dad).

Jochem begins to develop his musical taste through Spotify. He started with The Monkees first, but after a few days it was more than his mother could bare. Now he became  Alexander Rybak – fan, Eurovision winner 2009, because he discovered a song about a Magic Dolphin. Just one more day “Fairy Tale “and we’ll get mad.


On June 24 we’ll go to the Netherlands. The boys will be (fortunately, we are very happy with it) joining for two weeks their old class. They do rejoice this idea greatly and this is the incentive here on weekends to make extra Dutch lessons. It seems fantastic for us to see a lot of friends and family. The golf club, the Rotary, the favorite restaurants etc. Our friends  Jossy and Rob van der Hoeven will take care of the hotel during this two weeks: we are sure that the hotel will be in good hands.

Whether it has been a busy summer, we’ll let you know in the next newsletter. Recent information, photos and reports can always be found on Facebook. Both on the page of Ton as on the company page for La Posada del Angel. If you visit the La Posada del Angel-page, please also click “I like”.