It is busy in the hotel,  not with guests but with workmen. The first baths were demolished to make room for new shower trays. The first wall between two rooms was removed so create a family room out of two small rooms.

The painter is working hard and the handyman is installing wooden blinds. Even today we get a new gutter. Desperately needed, the old one was full of holes and  by now we’ve had a few showers.
In most rooms new TVs are installed with a very complete choice of 80 channels. Airco was installed in all the rooms so we can plug in warmth during the winter.
A carpenter is busy with  17 new doors for all the rooms and  glass-doors are made for bathrooms and toilets.
We ourselves are always busy with buying and searching for many things: towels, sheets, mattresses, plants for the patio, flooring, tiles etc. Especially working out and looking for solutions takes time.

Fortunately, we are quite advanced in plans for the pool and our new home. The architect has made a great first plan that we presented last week by the mayor. He was very enthusiastic and promised every assistance he can provide. If we are building not in January, he claimed, is that’s up to our architect and not to him.

He will provide the necessary licenses in three weeks. Unique in Spain. It also appears he is well informed about various grant opportunities.The architect is now working overtime.
It is already quite advanced in November and we are on our way to get settled in Ojen. Jochem and Siebe are really enjoying themselves at school. Jochem says he understands everything and begins to talk Spanish. Also he has found a few friends in his class.  He also joined the local football team. Whether it will lead to athletic success we doubt a little. In any case he likes it.

For Siebe life is not easy. Not only was the placement of the first class and thus learn to read and write a proper step, also the Spanish kids have one year advantage in writing and arithmetic.

He needs a lot of catching up, not just the language. This provides a considerable portion of homework every day. To our joy, we see that he’s doing fine. In the afternoons he goes several times a week to a non-school class for some extra Spanish. English belongs to both the standard curriculum.

Two afternoons a week the boys go to the “comedor”. A dining room in the school. There a Spanish three-course meal is served so by now they have tried just about everything and to our surprise they like it.

This means that some days we have time for ourselves. This is not translated into golfing, hiking and mountain biking and all those things we had planned. Every day it’s just busy and there are many things on the list to be done. Here we have a bit of a balancing act.
In Spain, the warm weather is over. A sweater is necessary and evening home heating is very pleasant. We are happy to have installed an air conditioning with heat switch last month in our home.

Fortunately, the days with heavy rain interspersed with bright blue skies so that even in November a lunch on a patio is possible. Formidable hiking and golfing weather also.
Last week we went to Holland for a few days without children, to pack the last things in our Dutch house and prepare it for the new owner. Mid-November is the transmission, making the move to Spain really become final.


Ton, Helga, Jochem en Siebe